The story behind the wedding cake

Normally when someone is getting married the first things that the couple does is look for their wedding cloths and wedding cake.

Last week on a wednesday I receive a message with the question “could you please make me a wedding cake”. I say ok and when is the wedding? This person said the wedding is saturday!! I said you mean like this saturday? She said yes it’s this saturday and you are the only person that can help me now. I got your number from Cheryll and I’m looking for someone that can make me a wedding cake.

The wedding cake was not for the person, that was sending me the message, but for her sister. Her sister at first instant didn’t want a cake but her mother insist. So that was the reason, why she was searching at last minute for someone who can make her sister a wedding cake.

I said to her uhm… normally when a client place an order they have to place it like at least one week ahead. I need time to make things like flowers etc… because those things needs to dry for the cake.
And guess what, she wanted a cake with flowers on it. I said no way, that is possible for saturday. She then call me and said make something of your own taste that is beautifull for a wedding cake. The only thing she wanted for sure is that the cake has to be white and red.

I said it’s ok I couldn’t dissapoint this client, that was desperate. So I made a 3 tiers wedding cake with red bows and somes diamants broche in the middle. On the third tiers I put a wedding couple.

I was happy with the cake and wedding couple also love the cake style and ofcourse the taste of the cake.
The cake was a vanilla sponge cake fill with vanille cream and pineapple / strawberry jam.
What made me happy was the pleasure to help the sister of the bride and the wedding couple.


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2 thoughts on “The story behind the wedding cake

  1. jude mei 3, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Beautiful wedding cake and i like the white wedding cake so much thanks for free wedding planer mobile app

  2. Ludinaira Roberto mei 3, 2014 at 10:41 am

    Thanks for your compliment Jude. Much appreciated.

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