Some Cake projects

It has been a while that I write something on my blog. I was very busy with so much cake projects and also with my full time job beside my own cake and webshop business.

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In the past few weeks I had some interesting cake projects and also a learning experience for myself.

For example this Dinosaurus cake, was such a joy making this cake. This cake gave me the opportunity the practice my painting skills. I always wanted to make a river, but I didn’t have the opportunity till now. It was also very fun to make this Dinosauros out of crispy rice.

I made also a Youtube video where I show you how to whole proces went. On this you tube video you can see how I made this Dinosaurus cake. You can also see how I made the dinosausrus out of rice crispies.

For a 5 year old birthday I had to make 2 cakes. A very big number 5 cake and a Minnie mouse cake. The theme of this birthday party was minnie mouse, so everything was red and white with dots.

It turn out to be a very cute number 5 cakes. I have to admit it was a lot of work making this cake but the end result was beautiful.

For the second time I had the opportunity the practice my painting skills with this beautiful cheetah print cake. I love the color combination. The light brown with the light pink and the cheetah print looks fabolous.

And for thos who love Disney stories, this cake was a very cute cake to make. I love dolls and I have to admit I still have a lot of dolls at my parents house. Everytime that my mother ask me if she can give away my dolls I say no. So to have the opportunity to make dolls cakes is such a lovely thing to do.

So I haven’t forget about you my blog readers, but I was a little bit busy with a lot of things. Remember if you want to try to make all these beautiful cakes youself, you can buy all the products on my webshop. From cake mixes till cake boxes.

Also if you have a question about how to make a cake, a recipe or anything else just leave your message behind and I will get back to you.


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Te un otro bia (See you soon in my native language papiamentu).
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