Browny’s Cakes Tips & Tricks for baking!

Browny’sssssss whether you’re baking with cake mix or baking cakes from scratch, these helpful hints will save you both time and money in the kitchen. From sunken cakes to dry cakes, these tips and tricks will give you the knowledge you need to make perfect cakes.

  • Cakes baked in glass versus metal bake differently. If using glass, you’ll want to lower your oven temperature by 25 degrees.
  • Preheat your oven before you start mixing and prepping . it’s best if the oven is preheated for 20 to 30 minutes at the proper baking temperature.
  • Be sure to use the correct pan size called for in the recipe.
  • Fat, eggs, and all kind of liquid should generally be used at room temperature. Cold ingredients could cause the batter to curdle.
  • When combining butter and sugar, take your time to cream them together  Take  at least 5 minutes to mix them together. This helps to ensure a lighter cake, as it adds tiny air pockets to the batter. Sugar granules shouldn’t be visible, but you can still feel them if you rub a bit of the mixture between your fingers.
  • Measure flour and other dry ingredients exactly. Use a knife or other flat surface to level off dry ingredients in a measuring cup or spoon.
  • Don’t forget to sift your flour! This step helps to add air and ensures that all dry ingredients are properly combined.
  • Generally, the cake batter should fill the pan by at least half and not more than 2/3, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Try to bake the cake in the middle of the oven.
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