Cups quantities versus ML/ GR quantities

Wilton measuring cups

Nowadays we hear often about cup quantities instead of GR or ML quantities. Cup quantities is often used in America and England. The cup quantities is used for dry and liquid ingredients.You can buy if you want a measuring cup especially for cups quantities. Browny’s Cakes is using the measuring cup of Wilton (recommended). This wilton measuring cup is also obtainable on Browny’s Cakes webshop.

For the people who want to keep using their GR and ML measuring cup, I made a table: cups versus ml / gram quantities. With this table you can keep using your ML/GR measuring cups and still having the same quantities used in recipe with cups measurement.
Dry ingredients:
1 cup                                         225ml
¾ cup                                        177ml
2/3cup                                       158ml
½ cup                                        118ml
1/3cup                                         79ml
1/4cup                                         59ml
Liquid ingredients:
1cup                                           250ml
1/2cup                                        125ml
1/4cup                                          60ml
1 1/2cup                                     375ml
2 cup                                          500ml
4cups                                            1liter
Some quantities examples of a few important ingredients:
Sugar 1 cup                            200 grams
Brown sugar 1 cup                 220 grams
1 cup powdered sugar            110 grams
1 cup butter                            226 grams
1 cup flour                              125 grams
Milk 1 cup                              245 grams
Water 1 cup                            236 grams
Cocoa Powder 1 cup              125 grams
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