Tip of the week: How to make a cupcake wraper from a doily

Nowadays you can buy the most colorful and beautiful cupcakes wrapper. They can cost alot of money! But what about if you have a low budget party? but you still want a beautiful cupcake wrapper  for your party…. I found this wonderful idea on the internet and I had to share it with you brownysssss. So I try it first to see if it work and it works very well!
Ok, enough talking and now the demostration. Ow, I almost forgot to say it’s very easy and cheap!!!!!
You need the following things:
  • Doilies (30 diameter),
  • Scissor,
  • Tape or glue,
  • Half circle template (send an e-mail and I will send you the template for free)
  • Cupcakes.
Step by step:
1.       Line up the template on the doily and mark the lines (with this doily you can make 3 cupcakes wrappers),
2.       Cut the inner circle of the doily,
3.       Cut now where you mark the lines,
4.       Wrap the doily around the cupcake,
5.       Put a piece of tape or small glue dots to secure the ends.

Voila your easy and cheap cupcakes wrapper is done!
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