Tip: How to make a moist Cake

The last few weeks I received a lot of e-mail asking me “how can I make my cake moist?” The  number one mistake, that most of the people make is over mix their batter! Or they overcooked there cake. NO wonder that they get a very dry cake! Bleh!!!
But if you aren’t  overcooking or mixing too much, there are a few tips that I can give you to make a moist cake!
1.       The most important thing is to not overcook the cake or cupcakes.  Bake according to the recipe but check for doneness the last 5-10 minutes before scheduled.  You know it’s done when a toothpick in the center comes out with just a few cake crumbs attached or the cake springs back when pressed in the center. 

2.       Sour cream  for moistness.  You can also add applesauce to increase moistness.  Be careful though, dumping in gobs of moistening agents often leads to little more than a soggy, wet mess.  Don’t confuse “moist” with “wet.

3.       Egg whites can dry out a cake, so baking experts recommend using just the egg yolks for a moister cake.  I have never tried just the egg yolks but have added an extra egg.  This explains why white cakes are usually drier than other flavors . . . there are no egg yolks in white cakes.

4.       Make cupcakes the day before you need them.  Bake your cupcakes for 25 minutes on 175 degrees Celsius.  They come out great every time.  Since all ovens vary, find out what works for your oven and then modify recipes accordingly.
Frost and decorate them and then put them in an air tight container.  I’m not sure exactly why but letting them sit one day will make them very moist and richer tasting.

5.       Brush cake layers with simple syrup made by simmering equal amounts of water and sugar in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves completely. The syrup keeps the layers moist.

If you another tips that can help for a moist cake, just lef a comment behind with your tip!

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