How do you manage work and Browny’s Cakes

The last two month I have been busy as always. People ask me sometimes how do you manage to work 40 hours a week and also bake cakes for your own business? It’s indeed a lot of work, but what helps me a lot is a good schedule. I have board, where I put all my cakes. On my board I put everything that I need to make to put on a cake and also everything that I need to buy to make these cakes.

For example Minnie mouse cake:

Things to make for a Minnie mouse cake:
1. The Minnie mouse topper
2. The bow
3. The dots
4. The stripes
5. Decorate the cake board

Things that I need to buy to make the cake and filling:
1. Cake: eggs, flour, butter…..
2. Filling: butter, vanilla extract…

Extra for the cake:
1. Cake board
2. Ribbon for the cake board
3. Fondant or marzipan to decorate the cake
4. Modelling paste for the Minnie Cake topper

Minnie mouse cake – Browny’s Cakes

And those thing is only for one cake. So in a month I can have like 15-20 cakes so all those steps multiple by 20 times.

The customers don’t see all these preparation. That’s why when someone tells me the cake is too expensive and I explain then all the steps they understand the price and all the work that has to be done for their cake.

Beside having a good schedule is also important having a lot of love and creativity when making these cakes. I do this because I love making  something unique every time. And what makes me also very happy is seeing the happiness and joy that my cakes can give to my customers.

Beside baking and decorating I’m also blessed, that I can manage my own administration. So I can combine my passion for finance also in my own businnes. So I’m an all around Business women!

My wish is to have my own Cake shop one day! For that I need to work very hard and keep my dream alive. Maybe with some good investors and my hard work, my dream can soon become true.

Nothing is impossible if you work hard and dedicated! Look at me this cake business start as a hobby and it growth to something beautiful and Tasty “Browny’s Cakes”

Ps. If you know someone who want the invest his money in a hard working cake decorator let him/her send me an e-mail! Thanks for the support!! 


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