Short tutorial of pregnant lady cake Topper hair (made of gumpaste)

A few month ago I made a pregnant lady Cake Topper! I received so many like on my facebook Fanpage! I also received so many e-mails from people asking me to make a tutorial about this pregnant lady! I didn’t make so many picture during the whole proces.So I can’t make a whole tutorial about this pregnant lady cake topper. Maybe another time when I have to make another lady cake topper!

The only short tutorial that I can give now is about this pregnant lady hair. I hope I can make some people happy with this short Tutorial.

1. First you need to make the head of the pregnant lady. The head has to dry for at least two days. Why? Otherwise when you are putting the hair on the head it can break and you can’t make the lines for the hair properly.

2. Make with a piece of yellow (colour optional) a tear drop! The tear drop has to bo as long as your pinkie finger.

3. Glue the hair on the head of the pregnant lady.Start putting the hair at the front of the head.

4. With a special moddeling tools (also obtainable on browny’s Cake webshop) you can make the lines for the hair. Putting the lines you make the hair looks more realistic. You can also mix the hair colour with another colour of gumpaste. I use brown to mixed up the colour of this pregnant lady.

5. To finish the pregnant lady topper I made a baret and put it on his hair. For the baret you have to make a ball and then roll a roller pin on it to make it flat. Take a little piece of the gumpaste role it like a small sausage and glue it on the top of the baret.

The pregnant lady Cake Topper is ready!!! What do you guys think about it??? Isn’t she lovely and cute….

If you have any question about this Tutorial don’t hesitate to sent me an e-mail or leave your question behind! I will try to answer your question ASAP!

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