Browny’s Cakes newsletter

Last saturday Browny’s Cakes sent her 3th newsletter. This newsletter is all about cookies.
In the newsletter you will find:

  • Workshop,
  • New on Browny’s Cakes webshop,
  • Cookies recipe,
  • Cookies pricelist,
  • Tip & Tricks,
  • How to,
  • Youtube tutorial.  

Below I summarize some of the subject in the newsletter. Fot the whole newsletter click here!!!

Cookies workshop for children –  €10,00

Do you want to organize something  for your children and his friends?  Browny’s Cakes has a nice workshop for children. Each child will get at least 3 cookies to decorate. For more information about this workshop, please send us an email to:
New on Browny’s Cakes webshop

We have a new category on Browny’s Cakes webshop “Cookies”. Under this category you will find a number of products you will eed  to bake and decorate cookies…….

Reminder for basic workshop cake decorating

We still have some places for this workshops. For more information about this workshop click here!
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It’s a browny’s thing…
Browny’s Cakes
It’s a browny’s thing…