How to make some Gumpaste Flowers

Two weeks ago, I made ​​a nice monkey cake with on the top some beautiful flowers. I made these flowers with gumpaste. If you don’t have gumpaste and you want to make it yourself, click here for the “How to make gumpaste” tutorial.  You can also make these flowers with fondant, but you have to work faster because fondant is not as elastic as gumpaste.

I have also another flower tutorial on my blog. If you want to read that blog click here.

I received a lot of emails asking me if I can show how I made the flowers on the monkey cake. In this blog I’m  going to show you how I made these flowers. They are very easy to make. You just need a little bit of patience because it is a process to make them.

What do you need:
1 Gumpaste
2 Petal cutter
3 Edible glue
4 Ball tool
5 Rolling pin
6 Veiner
7 Foam pad mat
8 Some cups to let the petals dry on.


1. Roll your fondant very thin and cut out the petals with your petal cutter. I do them one by one, but If you want you can make more at once and store them in a plastic bag. This prevents the other petals to dry out.

2 Put your first petal in the veiner and press very gently otherwise you can break the petal. The veiner helps to give your flower a more realistic form.

3 Put your petal on your foam pad mat and make a wavy motion on the edge of the petal with your ball tool. Making this motion with your ball tool you give your petal a more curly and realistic shape. You will need 4 petals to make this flower.

4 Put your petals one by one in your cups. If you don’t have these cups you can also make your own with foil. The cups helps to the petals to dry in a nice shape. let the flowers dry out completely for 1 day.

5. When flowers are completely dried you can put some color on them with color dust or you can use edible glitter for some shine.

Have fun making these flowers. If you have questions leave a message behind and I’ll try to answer you ASAP.

Thanks for reading my blog and your support. Please share so more people can check out my blog and learn some more new things.


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