Happy Monkey Cake

This is a very special cake. I received a message 2 weeks ago from a lady who work at a place for mentally disabled people. She asked me if I can make a special cake for a lady who is turning 91 years old. Her name is Corrie and she is a mentally disabled woman. She told me that Corrie love Apes and colors. So I could make the cake as colorful as I can.

I was very happy to make this cake, because Corrie is special and she is turning a respectful age. Hopefully I can turned at least 45 year old.

I start first by sketching the cake. I usually  sketch my cakes ideas and check which colors will fit with my cake idea.

Monkey cake sketch

All the flowers on the cake are handmade with gumpaste. So I had to make the flowers in advance, so they can dry. Gumpaste flowers are very delicate so they need to dry properly so you can use them on your cake. Below you can see the flowers, that I made for this cake. In another blog I will put the how to make these flowers. They are very easy to make. You only need to have some patient.

Gumpaste flowers

 I made Chocolate Oreo cookie butter cream. This frosting is so delicious you can eat it out of the bowl. Yammie frosting!!

Below you can see the end result of this cute and colorful happy monkey cake.

Happy monkey Youtube video
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Te un otro bia (See you soon in my native language papiamentu).
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