Chuggington cake and recap of the last 2 months

Recap of the last two months
Hi everyone. It has been a while that I write a new blog. I have been very busy with baking cake and the webshop of Browny’s Cakes. I didn’t blog as much as I wanted these 2 months, but I kept the blog updated with new pictures. Take a look in the gallery for all the new cakes. You can also follow all the new Browny’s cakes projects on Browny’s Cakes Youtube channel

Dinosauros youtube video
Here a short youtube video of a Dinosauros cake that I made. The Dinosauros is made with rice crispies and the cake is painted with edible color paste. Everything to make this cake is obtainable on the webshop so check the webshop out.

Chuggington cake
One of my favorite cake out of the bunch is the chuggington Cake. This was the second time that I had to make a cake with the theme Chuggington. The first time I didn’t knew what Chuggington was. Every time again I learn about a new cartoon and that’s is very fun. I’m more of the Tom & Jerry time (hahahahaha) and they are already old school.

Making a cake is a process. You start with the client wishes. For example what for flavor cake, for how many person and what is the theme for the cake. With all the information provided by the client, I can start sketching the cake.

Below you can see the first sketch that I made for the chuggington cake. I wanted to make a 2 tiers cake with Brewster the train on top. Sometimes I can sketch a cake and during the whole process of making the cake, I make some changes. Or the client can also have a last minute change of mind. This client asked me 5 days before the birthday to make the cake bigger, because she invited more people. So instead of the 2 tiers on the sketch below I made a 3 tiers cake.

After sketching the cake, I start with all the little things that I need to make for the cake. For this cake I had to make traffic signs, balloons, flowes, ladybugs, the train etc… I had to make these things in advance, so they can dry properly.

Gumpaste balloons

Traffic boards

I love painting on cakes, it’s very relaxing. For this Chuggington cake I paint 2 of the cake tiers to give the cake a more realistic look. To paint on a cake I use edible color paste with a little bit of alcohol. Don’t be scare the alcohol will evaporate and you won’t taste it anymore.

Drawing some branches on the bottom tiers.
The seecond tier

After making all the small things and painting the tiers it’s time to start stacking the cakes. It’s not so easy because you have to make sure, that all the cakes are level.

Taddaaaaaaa the cake is ready. It was a colorful and playful cake to make and the client was very happy with the cake. Happy birthday to Joshua.


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Te un otro bia (See you soon in my native language papiamentu).
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