Gum paste” white flower” Cake topper Tutorial

Last weekend I made a beautiful black and white birthday cake. On the top of this cake I put a beautiful gum paste white flower. This flower made the cake look spectacular. The first tier was a vanilla cake covered with white fondant and I piped black lines on the cake with royale icing. The second tier is a chocolate cake covered with black fondant and sugar pearls.

First I will give the ingredients and tools I used to make this flower, followed by a step by step instruction on how to make this flower. 

For this white flower you will need the following tools and ingredients:
  •           Rolling pin,
  •           Rolling mat (optional),
  •           Petal cookie cutter,
  •           Gumpaste,
  •           Floral tape,
  •           Floral wire,
  •           Knife/scriber tool,
  •           Mini rolling tool,
  •           Plastic cover,
  •           Pollen (these you can’t eat, they are artificial).

  • Knead your gum paste till it turn a little bit flexible to work with
  • Roll you gum paste out with your rolling pin as thin as possible
  • Press your petal cookie cutter into the gum paste. Make 6 petals,
  •  Remove the excess of gum paste around the petals,
  • Store your petals under the plastic cover otherwise they can dry out. You still need them flexible to create some more natural flower shape.
  • Insert your floral wire in the middle of the petal,
  • Give your petal some natural flower shape, by frilling the edges with a mini rolling tool,
  • Your petal has more natural curly shape, so now you can use your knife tool to make a line in the middle of the petal,
  • Gently till your petal up and put it on an egg carton (optional you can use something else) to let it dry out. 

  • Do one petal at the time to prevent the other petals to dry out. Make these petals 3 days ahead, otherwise they won’t be dry and hard enough to work with,
  • For the flower bud you need to roll a small amount of gum paste into a teardrop form. I made white and black, because I wasn’t sure which color would match perfectly with this flower.
  • Insert a floral wire in the middle of the flower bud,
  • To secure the floral wire into the flower bud you can put a little bit of edible glue on the floral wire before inserting it into the flower bud,
  • With a toothpick you can make some holes into the flower bud to make it looks more realistic,
  • When you finished with the flower bud let it dry up for approximately 3 days as the petals,
  • When the petals are finally dry and hard you can dust them with glitters. I used natural glitters but you can use whatever colors your want to.
  • Now you can cover the floral wire with the floral tape. I used white floral tape because this flower cake topper is white.  You can buy these flower tapes in several other colors like green, brown etc…
  • Do the same with the flower bud. Covered the entire floral wire with floral tape,
  • When you finished covering the floral wires with floral tape, you can begin to make your flower,
  • Begin first with the flower bud and pollen. Put now the flower petals one by one around the flower bud,
  • When you are satisfied with the position of your petals you can put the floral tape around the floral wire till the end of the wire. You decide how long or short you want the wires to be.
  • If you can’t with all the petals at once you can put the petals one by one and put the floral tape around, till you have put all the petals around the flower bud,
  • Put the flower into a wine glass in order to maintain his shape
Here is the Cake with the flower on it

You can make this flower in every color you want and used whatever color of floral tape you want. I hope you Brownysss have fun making this flower.All the ingredients and tools used in this tutorial is obtainable on browny’s Cakes webshop.  If you have question don’t hesitate to leave a message behind and I will response ASAP.
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