Wilton Course 1: Decorating basic certificate

Hello Brownysssssss,

I finished my Wilton course 1 and I’m very happy with  my first Wilton certificate. The certificate has a wonderfull place in Browny’s Cakes kitchen.

Like I told you all in one of my previous blog, I already got decorating skills, but by following the Wilton course you can learn some unique decorating technique.

The Wilton courses are a little bit expensive but they worth every penny. I’m preparing for the next course.
In the course 2 you can learn more about making beautifull flowers using icing. This course is more intensive and I’m looking forward to do it.

What I learn in course 1:

  • How to make buttercream icing using only crisco,
  • How to make leaf with icing,
  • How to write on a cake using icing,
  • Some new cake borders,
  • How to make the Shagy mum flower,
  • How to make the pompom flower,
  • How to make the wilton flower,
  • How to fill and iced a cake the Wilton way.
All the Cakes of all the students of Wilton course 1
If there is something you want to know about decoarting, icing or baking please send me a mail and I will help you as much as I can!
Hooray for Browny’s Cakes!!!! Wilton Course 1 Certificate in the pocket!
Next blog will be the tutorial of the fondant Elephant! (as promise I didn’t forget)
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