When fashion meets Browny’s Cakes….. 400 mini cupcakes.

Hi Brownysssssssssss,
I experience the power of online media. Like you all know I have a Facebook with more than a thousand followers. I share alot of information like recipes, tutorial, and beside that I also promote my cakes and cupcakes.

This time Fashion meets Browny’s cakes. I received an order for a fashion show for a new clothing line named “Jolie Duzon” (launched last saturday 6 of april).

Miss Zillah found Browny’s Cakes through Facebook and order 400 mini cupcakes for her guests at the fashion show. She wanted the following flavours: Vanilla, Oreo & Cream, Chocolate and Red velvet. I accept the order and it was my first BIG order. Ofcourse also good for promoting Browny’s Cakes!!!!

After the show I received good review from Miss Zillah about the mini cupcakes and that she is looking forward to work with Browny’s Cakes again. I can’t wait!!!! For the clothing line of Miss Zillah go to this website:  www.jolieduzon.com

For more information about the mini cupcakes or a cake order send me an e-mail @ Info@brownyscakes.com

Here some pictures of the 400 Mini cupcakes:

Oreo & Cream
Red Velvet


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Browny’s Cakes
It’s a browny’s thing…
Browny’s Cakes
It’s a browny’s thing…