The past week….. Busy ones

Hi everyone. It has been a while since my last blog. I have a lot of recipe and YouTube video that I need to put on my blog, but I have been very busy lately. Beside Browny’s Cakes I also work 40 hour a week so I’m a very busy women. (And I even don’t have children yet LOL)

I want to share some pictures and update you what I wil be blogging about when I have the chance again.

Recipe that I will be posting:
– Cheese cake
– Ganache
– Modelling chocolate
– Chocolate souffle

How to:
Princes Ruffle cake.  made a very cute princes ruffle cake, so soon I will finished the YouTube video How to.

Cakes that I have made these past weeks:

If you have a suggestion for a how to or you want a recipe please let a message behind.


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Te un otro bia (See you soon in my native language papiamentu).
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