Summery Cupcakes

Last week I was enjoying the summer and thought about  making some cupcakes for my friends. I draw some cupcakes on a piece a paper so my fantasy begin…

Check also my youtube summery cupcakes video

To make these cupcakes you need:

  • Cups for cupcakes,
  • Make Vanilla cupcakes recipe ( it’s optional. You can make any flavour you want)
  • Marzipan,
  • Colour paste (green)
  • Pencil,
  • Cocktail umbrella’s
  • Flower cutter (different size)
  • Butter cream,
If there is anyone who want the recipe for Vanilla cupcakes, leave a message behind and I will put the recipe on my blog!
Browny’s Cakes
It’s a browny’s thing…
Browny’s Cakes
It’s a browny’s thing…