How to Horse head cake topper ( with Youtube Video)

Horse head Cake topper

A few weeks ago I made a very special cake. The theme of the cake was “Horse”. I live in Holland so I see horses everyday.

OK, now to the cake. The person who order this cake didn’t have an idea how he wanted the cake to be. The theme was clear “Horses”.

I sketch the cake and then start with the process for the Horse head. I didn’t make a Horse head topper before so I was very excited with this new cake project.

To make this Topper you need some tools and ingredients:

  • Rice Crispy
  • Marshmallow
  • Edible glue
  • Ganache
  • Modelling chocolate
  • Black powder dust
  • Modelling tools

For ingredients and modelling tools you can visit Browny’s Cakes webshop

Part – 1
You need to melt some marshmallow in your microwave for approximately 5 seconds and then add rice crispy. Start making the head of the horse. You need to move quickly. For less stickiness you can smear Crisco on your hands.

Let it dry for 24 hours. In the meantime you can make ganache. In another video I will make a how to for ganache and modelling chocolate recipe.

Smear the ganache over the rice crispy and let the ganache dry too.

 Roll out your modelling chocolate and start forming the first part of the head.Giving the horse some full cheeks. Try to have fun making this topper and keep modelling till you have the result that you want.

I made a step by step YouTube Tutorial on how I made this Horse Head Cake topper. I will put these YouTube video at the end of this blog.

I guess you also want to see the cake…. It was a 3 layer cake with the Horse head on Top. First layer is a pant, the second layer is airbrushed with clouds, mountain and flowers and on the third layer you can see on the side the horseshoe.

The How to for this Horse head cake topper is divided in 4 YouTube videos. Have fun and if you have any question you can leave the behind. Don’t forget to click on the thumb up and subscribe if you like the videos

Part – 1
Part – 2
Part – 3
Part – 4 
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