Browny’s Christmas Cake of 2012

I was watching the cartoon “Peter Pan” and suddenly this idea for my Christmas cake pop up!
My christmas cake theme has to be “fairy tales”.  I’ve never make ​​a fairy before so I went straight to google and began to search for fairy pictures. A fairy is not so easy to make, because there is a lot of detail in her body and face. To know exactly how to make her body and face (yes, it’s a female fairy) I went on youtube.
As you can see on the pictures, my christmas creation consists of 3 cakes stack on each other.
I coloured the marzipan red and green with food colour and then covered my cakes with the marzipan.

After covering the cakes with marzipan I start to make the fairy. The fairy took me quite a long time. The face of the fairy had to dry before I could work with it. Why? If the head is not dry than it’s impossible to place the hair and draw the eyes. The fairy is made from fondant, because fondant dry easily. Fondant or gumpaste are ideal to make people, animals, houses etc…

After making the fairy I sat down and begin to think on how to decorate the cake further.  Several things pop up in my head: stars, Christmas tree, candy, gift, christmas bells… After making all these things with fondant, I put the fairy on top and decorate the rest of the cakes with the stars, candy etc…. I was so proud and satisfied with the result. Up to christmas cake 2013.

If you have any questions about my christmas cake, leave a message behind and I will contact you ASAP.
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