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Browny’s Cakes Webshop
Since May 2 2013 I open a webshop:
My main goal, with the opening of this webshop is to give all my Facebook- Blog followers and new customers the opportunity to make their own cake, cupcakes and cookies at home with the ingredients and cake products that I sell on the webshop. If a customer don’t have the time or enough knowledge to bake a cake they can also order a cake, cupcake or cookies on the webshop.
It is always fun to have the opportunity to decorate your own cake or cupcake instead of buying it. It can be more fun if you  can learn decorating cakes, cupcakes etc… with a group of friends or family. So I’m planning to start giving workshops. I don’t have a location yet so when everything is done to start with the workshops this will be announce on facebook, blog or on the webshop. 

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Browny’s Cakes webshop is your shop for all your cake products or cake & Cupcakes orders.

My  Motto ” Your Cake wish is my Brownylicious command”

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Browny’s Cakes
It’s a browny’s thing…

Browny’s Cakes
It’s a browny’s thing…