Pricing Calculator (English version)


Are you a beginner and have you been walking around for some time with the questions below:

  • Do you have trouble determining the selling price of your product?
  • You do not know which costs you should include in your calculation?
  • Do you have to break your head every time adding up the costs on a paper?
  • Do you have to look up the prices of ingredients every time to calculate the cost of cakes, biscuits or even snacks?
  • Have you been working for less money more often, because your cost overview was not clear?
  • Do you often forget to include your working time, water, gas and electricity in your selling price?

I have a solution for all of the above questions! The “Pricing calculator”. I have created a tool in Excel for you, where you enter your costs per product once and a sales price excluding or including VAT automatically rolls out.


  • With this tool you can confidently give the right price to your customers
  • You no longer have to worry that you have forgotten a certain cost
  • You save a lot of time that you can use for shopping, among other things.
  • Never work for less money again
  • You can use it for all types of products, including cakes, snacks, etc.
  • You enter the prices once and save it for when you need it again or you can print it and save it in a folder
  • You buy it once and you can use it how often you want to use it.

So do you want more freedom to do things other than break your head with a sum? And do you want to be sure that you have communicated the correct sales price?

Purchase the “Pricing calculator” for € 20.00 It is a one-time investment that will make your life easier and that you can use for all kinds of products forever. You can also use the Calculator for all kinds of products, such as snacks, meals, sugar products, cakes, jewelry……..

Note: The “Pricing calculator” does not work on your mobile. So download it on your laptop or computer!