Some cake projects and sculpted things out of gumpaste

I’m busy this week with a lot of cake projects and it is a lot of fun.

I’m making a train with rice crispy. It’s very easy just melt mini marshmallow and stir well. After that add te rice crispy and keep stirring till the rice crispy stick on the marshmellow. Now you are ready to start sculpting whatever you want with your rice crispy. It’s a lot of fun doing it and it is also a lot of fun eating it.

Every princess needs a crown…. So I have also a princess cake in my schedule this week. I made several things for this princess cake. I made them a few days ahead so they can dry properly. For example I made a crown, a bow, some sugar flower, a plaque with the princess name on it etc..

I almost forget, I also made some cuteeeeeeeeee gumpaste balloons. I steamed these balloons, that is why they are shining!!! They are top cuteeeeeeee, Or not?

Take a look below for the how to make these balloons. Especialy for all the Brownyssssss who will try to make these balloons.

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It’s a browny’s thing…

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